Event Schedule

This year the Cyber Education Day forum-hackathon will unite up 100 attendees, including students, local and international experts from the field, business and government representatives, and will be conducted via three simultaneous streams: Hackathon Stream, CyberTalk Stream and Job Fair Stream.

Hackaton rules

What is a Hackaton?
The event looks like ‘Capture The Flag’ (CTF) event, in which teams try to complete as many challenges as they can, completing a challenge earns the team a flag or action which scores the team points. The team with the most points at the end of the day is the winner. The target is "Smart House" system with a lot ot IoT and similar devices.
What kind of flag you mean?
Flag will have format flag{ThiIsFlag}. You can find it at any place in any system.
What kind of action you mean?
Every time you believe that you are ready to force any device to make something unnormal - ask judge to see and check.
Who track scores?
Judges. After any flag or any action.
Are any limitations?
Yes. No physical breake. No cross the red line. BruteForce is prohibited unless explicitly allowed (please consult with Judges before attempting any bruteforce-like actions).
What can we win?
The winner team will be awarded by main prize - trip to USA. Second and third place teams will be awarded also.
How many peoples should be in teams?
Three students and mentor.
Can non-student take part in team?
What types of challenges should we expect?
You can expect about 10 challenges of the following categories:
Can we share answers?
Absolutely not! Any sharing or trading of answers will disqualify all teams involved.
Trading flags or asking other teams for help is completely against the nature of the event, and ruins the fun for everyone.
We heard something about a theme?
Teams who come in costume related to (entire teams) will receive a bonus 200 points, and will likely get more spot prizes and have more fun!
What do we need to bring on the day?
You need to bring your own laptops and extension cables. While we try to provide WiFi for everyone we always recommend having access to your own internet hot-spot, through your phone or similar, and don’t rely on the venue WiFi. You’ve been warned.
Are there any sample challenges we can look at?
No. Read about IoT and brake you own home network or TV :)
What if there is a complaint on the day?
The governing rules of all our events are – Play fair and have fun. Any decisions made by the judges are final.
I've another question, can you help?
If you have any further questions then please feel free to email us and we’ll be only happy to try help you find the answer [email protected].

Event Venue

Cosmopolit hall,
Kyiv, Ukraine