Cyber Education Day:
Catalyzing Digital Resilience in Ukraine

May 24, 2019
Kyiv, Ukraine, Cosmopolit hall
Vadyma Hetmana St, 6

About The Event

About The Event

In honor of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, celebrated annually on May 17, CRDF Global is partnering with the Cyber School in Ukraine to host a forum-hackathon, Cyber Education Day: Catalyzing Digital Resistance in Ukraine.

The aim of this event is to support the integration of Ukrainian cybersecurity (CS) students into the CS community. Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their connections with local companies and hear from US/Ukraine stakeholders on best practices, ways to improve tech capabilities, and building a thriving cybersecurity workforce in Ukraine.

The target audience of Cyber Education Day is cybersecurity students from all higher education institutions of Ukraine, implementing the teaching of specialty 125 Cybersecurity and related.

This event is a part of CRDF Global's 2019 cybersecurity programming in Ukraine, implemented with support from  the U.S. Department of State’s Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia.


Kyiv, Ukraine, Cosmopolit hall
Vadyma Hetmana St, 6


24 May 2019

Event Schedule

This year the Cyber Education Day forum-hackathon will unite up 100 attendees, including students, local and international experts from the field, business and government representatives, and will be conducted via three simultaneous streams: Hackathon Stream, CyberTalk Stream and Job Fair Stream.

Registration, refreshments & networking

Hackathon competition announced and started

Oleksii Baranovskyi, Cyber School.




Close of the day, Hackathon Winners Announcement

CyberTalk Stream

Refreshments & networking

Welcome note

Session 1

Cyber and Big Security Issues: Overview

Dmytro Lazutchenkov, EY

Intro to Big Security in Ukraine and Globally.

Ruslan Ismagulov, ISACA Kazakhstan

Opportunities of Career Path in Cyber Security.

Yuriy Gudz, Deloitte

We are different, but everyone can do cyber.

Andriy Voloshyn, TechMaker

Hardware Security Essentials and Opportunities.


Session 2

Cyber Education and Professional Growth: Building a Dialog with Business

Ruslan Kozak, Head of Information Security office, ELEKS

Which Skills We Are Need: Do Not Let Your Jacket Control You, Do Not Let Your Cardio stimulator Kill You 

Yevhenii Kurii, Information Security Consultant, ELEKS
Andrii Rebets, Information Security Engineer, ELEKS

Which Skills We Are Need: I Learned Cyber Security at University, I Wish it Was True.

Yakov Revyakin, Hideez

How to Start a Startup in CyberSecurity.

Vladyslav Kucher, Betta Security

Professional Growth of Juniour SecurityEngineer in Cyber.

David Maiboroda, Lohika

Cyber Security Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence.

Questions and Answers.


Session 3

Cyber Education and Professional Growth: Building a Dialog with State

Denys Kudriavchenko, GlobalLogic

Digital Product Engineering Services.

Sergiy Groma, PUMB

Information Security in Bank.

Roman Shershov, CyberArk

Cyber Security in Critical Infrastructure.

Dmytro Semenyuk, Cyber Police

Career Path in CyberPolice in Ukraine.

Questions and Answers.


Session 4

Cyber Security Platforms and Opportunities in Ukraine

Iryna Tolochko, RMRF,
Lidiia Skalytska, InSecureUA,
Ukraine Women in Tech Representatives

Women in Cyber Security in Ukraine

Valeriy Tsupa, ISSP & International Cyber Academy,
Dmytro Yeryomin, Cyber School

Close of the day, Hackathon Winners Announcement

Refreshments & networking

Job Fair Stream: job opportunities in cyber security for students in Ukraine

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RMRF – is a Ukrainian team of cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers that specializes in the development of solutions in the field of early cyber threat detection and prevention. Each member of our team has over 10 years’ experience in project development in different business areas in Eastern Europe. RMRF’s main expertise is in providing services in the field of cybersecurity and the development of solutions based on Deception Technology.

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Modern world grows dynamically by virtue of emerging digital conversions and significant acceleration of cyber ecosystems development. Ukraine takes active part in this at the state and business levels understanding that it is the guarantee of inclusion of our country into advanced Euro-Atlantic space, economy 4.0, Internet of things universe.

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Event Venue

Cosmopolit hall,
Kyiv, Ukraine